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Luck of the Irish Crispy Treats Recipe

Luck of the Irish Crispy Treats Recipe

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  • 1/4 Cup butter
  • 1 package marshmallows
  • 1/2 Teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 Teaspoon green food coloring
  • 6 Cups crispy rice cereal


Line 13 by 9-inch pan with foil. Lightly butter or spray foil with no stick cooking spray. Set aside.

Melt butter in large saucepan or Dutch oven on low heat. Add marshmallows; stir constantly until marshmallows are melted. Remove from heat. Stir in vanilla and food color until smooth. Quickly add cereal to marshmallow mixture and stir until well coated.

Press into prepared pan using a buttered spatula. Cool. Cut into bars or use a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter.

Nutritional Facts


Calories Per Serving64

Folate equivalent (total)1µgN/A

These Shamrock Treats Will Bring You the Luck of the Irish

With some Irish blood in my family, every year I make sure to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the best way I know how—with food. Since I wasn't really feeling the whole corned beef and cabbage thing this year, I decided to take a sweeter route with these leprechaun approved shamrock treats.

Remember making Rice Krispie treats as a kid? Well, replace the Rice Krispies with Lucky Charms, shape them like a clover, and there you have it: shamrock treats. These are the the perfect way to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit if you're on a budget or a time crunch (which, let's be real, is often).

So, with that, inspired by the luck of the Irish, here is the recipe for shamrock Lucky Charms treats that will have you feeling like you've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

Luck of the Irish Party Mix for St. Patrick’s Day

Today I have a delicious treat that is super easy to make and sure to be a hit for St. Patrick’s Day! Luck of Irish Party Mix is perfect for parties, to enjoy at home or even give as gifts! With Green Caramel Corn, Chocolate Chex Cereal, Pretzels, Candy and more…you can’t go wrong!

The nice thing about this Luck of the Irish Party Mix is you can add whatever you have on hand. I literally opened the cupboards and searched through my candy drawer to find ingredients to add.

I started by making a batch of Homemade Caramel Corn and added green coloring to the coating. Then Chex Cereal was mixed with melted white chocolate and a good sprinkle of green sugar. While those cooled, I chopped the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Andes Mints.

All the ingredients were tossed in a large bowl, then green M&M’s and green candy sprinkles were added. Now you can certainly drizzle over a bit more melted chocolate to hold all the ingredients together like I did in my Christmas Candy Crunch and Candy Corn Mix, but this time I decided to keep it a bit more simple since there was already plenty of chocolate.

And since you all know how I LOVE the holidays and creating fun and simple gifts to give, how about adding the Luck of the Irish Party Mix to a bag and adding a little tag?

So cute! Who wouldn’t love to receive this little treat? I added the St. Patrick’s Day Cupcake Toppers and tied the bags with green baker’s twine!

Irish Dinner Menu for St. Patrick's Day

Bet you didn't know you could put together a complete Irish dinner so quickly and easily! Potatoes, corned beef, and cabbage all cook together in this super-fast skillet. That's enough for a meal in itself, but why not throw in a yummy twist on Irish soda bread for an extra-special celebration? Finish the meal off with a traditional cup of Irish coffee and you'll be paying homage to good ol' St. Patty's Day in a very tasty way!

This list of easy Irish recipes allows you to pick and choose your favorites to craft a traditional Irish dinner your family is sure to love. Whether you're celebrating your Eire roots or just planning a St. Patrick's Day menu, these yummy and homemade recipes will keep your belly full. You're sure to love the appetizers to start it off, and not to mention the St. Patrick's Day desserts that will have everyone celebrating in style!

1 cup of heavy whipping
1/4 cup milk
1 (3.4 oz) box of vanilla instant pudding / pie filling
Green food coloring
3 tablespoons of Irish cream liqueur
Andes mint chocolate candies

First you’ll want to heat the oven to 350°F. Grease bottom of an 8-inch square pan or 9-inch square pan with shortening or oil. Don’t have one? No worries. I actually use an 8 x 6 inch pan in this demonstration.

In large bowl, stir brownie mix, oil, 4 tablespoons of Irish cream, and the eggs.Stir with a spoon about 50 strokes or until blended. Since this is fudge brownie batter, it will be a little thicker than usual brownie batter.
Once you have the brownie batter well mixed, spread the batter evenly into your already greased pan.
Bake 23 to 26 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely. This usually takes an hour.

In medium bowl, mix in the whipping cream, milk, pudding mix and 3 tablespoons of Irish cream.
Once you’ve stirred really well, add in a number of drops of food coloring to give the topping a nice green color. You can make it as light or as dark as you wish.
Once that is done, add the topping to the cooled brownies. Spread evenly across the top.
Take your Andes candies and cut them up into smaller pieces. This will make them easier to sprinkle on top of the brownies.Sprinkle with crushed candy on top of your brownies. My son is always happy to help with this part!Once that is done, cover your brownies and refrigerate for at least two hours. Once you’ve refrigerate them long enough, cut the brownies into squares to serve. Be sure to refrigerate any left overs! Serve and enjoy!

Potluck o&rsquo the Irish!

It&rsquos Friday! And it&rsquos not just any Friday. Today, rivers will be dyed green, Guinness taps will flow a little more freely, and more than 100 parades will be held all across the United States.

We thought we&rsquod join the fun, and even briefly (very briefly) considered dyeing the site green. But we&rsquoll wisely stick to what we do best: food!

So here are some recipes you can make to celebrate along with everyone else. Are they traditional? Hardly. But they come from a place of great affection for all things Irish. (Hello, potatoes and cabbage: we&rsquore looking at you.)

Exploring Irish Flavors (In a Pizza!). Bridget&rsquos family is staunchly proud of its Irish heritage, and we think she did them proud with this pizza featuring classic Irish ingredients!

Homemade Shamrock Shakes. Jessica calls these vanilla mint love bombs. No argument here.

5 Ways to Serve Sauteed Brussels Sprouts. Mini cabbages for the win! Okay, so Brussels sprouts are more than just mini cabbages. But still. Dara shows us 5 ways to serve them. Bonus Irish points for the second version that features bacon!

French Fry Bar. Because potatoes. Gaby shows us how to rock a french fry bar. Throw some Irish cheese in the mix! Cheese makes everything better.

How to Make Compound Butter. Okay, butter makes everything better too. Know what else is really, really sinfully good? Irish butter. With these 6 different flavor variations, you&rsquoll have an excuse to slather it on everything!

Shepherd&rsquos Pie. Rich and hearty, and oh! Hello again, potatoes! This recipe from Joanne is freezer-friendly, too. Want to make it more traditional? Use lamb instead of beef!

Elevating Oatmeal. Steel cut oats are also known as Irish oatmeal, and when you see all the ways Heather turns the humble oat into an impressive dish, you&rsquoll never look at oats the same way again.

How to Make Mustard. Have plans to turn those corned beef leftovers into sandwiches? Kick them up a notch with homemade mustard!

Homemade Honeycomb Candy. It&rsquos only fitting that we end with candy. Northern Ireland has its own honeycomb candy called Yellowman. Yes, it&rsquos ever-so-slightly different, but hey&mdashcandy!

We hope these recipes inspire you to join the festivities today. Whatever your plans may be, may your day be filled with merriment and good company.


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St. Patrick&rsquos Day Crispy Treats Instructions

We have a thing for Leprechaun hats around here so I decided that in addition to wearing them, we could make them!

My St. Patrick&rsquos Day cereal treats are pretty simple using just a few ingredients and a microwave.

That&rsquos right, you don&rsquot even have to bake them!

Start by melting together your butter and marshmallows, add some vanilla and mix in your cereal of choice.

We used Rice Chex for ours since General Mills so kindly sent it to us, but you can use whatever you want.

Mixing it all together is probably the trickiest part of this process. I find that coating my spoon AND hands with cooking spray helps a TON.

Then when I press it into the pan, I also coat the pan or wax paper.

As the mixture cools a bit, you can begin melting your candy. I always add a bit of shortening to the melts to get the right consistency.

I would go ahead and melt two bags to be sure you have enough coverage.

Place your cookie sheet in the fridge so the candy can cool and harden again. Once that is done, you can begin cutting out your hats.

A note on this, the size of your St. Patrick&rsquos Day crispy treats will depend on the size of your cookie cutter.

I used this top hat cookie cutter that I found on Amazon and really only got 4 hats and they are pretty big (3.5 in each to be exact).

I cut the rest into squares and even made a couple lumpy rainbows and I assure you, they were just as delicious.

The smaller your cookie cutter, the more hats you will end up with. Then, just use the black melted candy for the hat band and add a non-melted piece of yellow candy for the buckle.

You could use a few as bait with one of these Leprechaun trap ideas. Personally, I&rsquom adding these treats to my kids&rsquo lunches with one of these cute St. Patrick&rsquos day jokes for a fun surprise in the middle of the day.

And yes, I may have had a few bites myself.


Hard to believe that in almost 12 years of blogging I’ve never made anything that celebrates St Patrick’s Day. But today I am correcting this huge mistake. Gingerbread, sugar cookies and macarons to bring you good luck and hopefully restore my reputation as a food blogger, particularly with the wonderful people from Ireland.


to print the recipe, from last year’s post, click here

I received the shamrock cookie cutter as a gift from a dear friend, and designed this set of cookies with her in mind. The jar cookie was inspired by a video tutorial from SweetAmbs that you can find here. I adapted for my skill level, because I still struggle a lot with fine lines. It is absolutely mandatory to include one four-leaf clover to ensure the best of luck.


Same cookie recipe, decoration also found in the video link I included above. Really a lot of fun to make it, although you do have to prepare the golden buttons the day before, they need to dry completely before you can paint them and glue to the iced cookie. If you watch Amber’s video you will see that she uses the base of any icing tip to draw circles on parchment paper, then pipe the button shape with white Royal icing, a little border after it has a chance to slightly crust, and that’s about it. Let it dry overnight, paint with gold luster + alcohol. It took me two attempts to get it right, or at least right enough to be able to use in my cookies…

It is a good idea to make more than you think you’ll need. You can always save it for later, these Royal icing decorations last forever and not every single one of them will be nicely round, at least not when I do them.

Moving on, a really easy but quite effective way to decorate a sugar cookie. For this one, I used my recent default recipe that gives super sharp edges and you can find here.


Really super easy! You start by drawing a shamrock shape in the center of a baked cookie. You can do a round cookie, square, or hexagon, anything will work. Then, paint a nice and bright gold layer right on the cookie’s surface. For this I like to use Egyptian Gold from Oh Sweet Art. It is the most aggressive (but still food-safe) gold paint out there, and in this case you need it to be bright. Then, simply flood with green Royal Icing and you are done.

This simple method has so much potential! You can paint all sorts of basic shapes using different colors, and flood it to suit the occasion.

Another nice way to decorate is using the marbling technique, in which you swirl colors over a reasonably loose powdered sugar icing, and dip the surface of the cookie over it. The method is carefully detailed on my friend Helen’s blog that you can find here.

Finally, I close the post with my beloved macarons. For this recipe, I used a template found over at Pies and Tacos, but used my default recipe for macarons, but dyed green. A little splash with gold luster, and the filling was a Mint Buttercream from my friend Caroline’s recent post.

128g butter, melted
3/4 tsp vanilla
sprinkle of salt
187g powdered sugar, sifted
Peppermint Extract (1/8tsp at a time, to taste)

Melt the butter in a small cooking pot on the stove top on medium to high. Turn the heat down to low-medium heat, letting it simmer and remember to stir. The butter will hiss & pop. If browning reduce the heat again. Continue until silent and then strain through a sieve into a mixing bowl. There will be foamy fat residue sticking to the sides of the bowl and in the bottom of the sieve. Add in the salt. The mixture will sizzle again so be careful.

Add in the powdered sugar and mix by hand until all sugar is incorporated and a smooth paste is formed. This will only take a minute, so no need to get the mixer out again. Leave till it cools down. Now add in the peppermint extract. Place in a piping bag, no need for icing tip. Fill the macarons. Leave them in the fridge overnight for best texture.

to print the recipe, click here

I hope you enjoyed this small collection of goodies, and that we are all moving to better times, as vaccination picks up all over the world. I am ready for some luck coming our way, what about you?

Sweet Dessert Recipes To Make For St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s a fun Irish saying you may not have heard before — there are only two kinds of people in this world, the Irish and those who wish they were. Luckily on March 17th, everyone is an honorary Irishman for St. Patrick’s Day and there are a ton of tasty ways to mark the occasion. If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for an excuse to get creative in the kitchen, consider making some of these fun desserts served with an Irish twist. From cookies to cake and everything in between, there is something for everyone of any skill set to make. Here are seven recipes you can make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are really delicious desserts that also happen to make cute party favors. They’re not difficult to bake either, especially since the Cake Pop recipe from Two Twenty One calls for boxed cake and pre-made icing.

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate cake pops, as long you start doing it once the candy melt is coated all over and hardened. You can roll it in green sprinkles, tie a bow around the stick or drizzle some icing to instantly modify them. Take it to the next level by using fondant and roll together some fun decor. You can make a hat, rainbow, pot of gold or anything else you think would look good on the cake pop.

Irish Soda Bread

This is one of the most popular foods eaten around St. Patrick’s Day, and for good reason. Irish soda bread was introduced to the UK in the late 1830’s after baking soda was brought in. Irish soda bread became a country staple out of necessity because few ingredients were readily available for citizens at the time. Using just wheat flour, baking soda, salt and soured milk, the Irish would make soda bread to sustain them. It was a simple recipe that even lower-class families could afford to make.

Since then, the bread with a dense texture and slight sourness has evolved into a seasonal classic that is still very easy to make. This Irish Soda Bread recipe from Simply Recipes uses only eight ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. The best part is it takes under an hour to make, and you don’t need to wait for the dough to rise like most breads require.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are traditionally eaten around Christmas, but there’s no reason why this tasty treat should only be consumed in the winter. Gingerbread cookies are one of the easiest desserts to decorate however you want. All it takes is icing, some candy and a bit of creativity. You can cut them in the shape of gingerbread men and decorate it as a leprechaun for a St. Patrick’s Day twist. Some other fun cut outs you can do are horseshoes, rainbows, four leaf clovers and Irish flags.

Use this Gingerbread recipe that will make a batch of 24 cookies. Pour icing into a ziplock bag, cut a small hole in the corner and use it to pipe on some whatever designs you want.

Mint Macarons

If you’re a baking pro or want to challenge yourself in the kitchen, St. Patrick’s Day might be the perfect time to do it with this Mint French Macarons Recipe . It’s a French delicacy that can easily be customized to celebrate any occasion thanks to its colorful appearance. This entry-level recipe breaks macarons down into simple steps that will hopefully leave you with an airy and minty green dessert once you’re done.

White Chocolate Candy Bark

This White Chocolate Candy Bark recipe might just be one of the easiest desserts you can make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a no-bake treat that uses only five ingredients and takes minutes to make. To give it a fun twist for March 17th, mix in some green food coloring and sprinkles into the chocolate before it cools it in the pan.

You can customize this treat however your taste buds prefer — use dark chocolate, add in some extra candies to crunch or even layer different chocolate together.

St. Paddy’s Day Drip Cake

Cake is a classic go-to whenever you’re in need of a dessert to celebrate something. It can be an intimidating thing to bake for some people, so feel free to use boxed cake if starting from scratch isn’t your thing. Once the cake is ready to be decorated, check out this Pourable Icing recipe from Bluprint. It’s a low-maintenance decorating hack to make it look like you put a lot more effort into the cake than is actually required!

Start by icing your cake all around with a light colored base. When mixing together the ingredients for the pourable icing, add some food coloring in to give it a festive appearance. Pour it onto the cake to get a cool drip effect down the sides, instantly giving it a professional bakery look to it. You can leave the cake with just the drip icing, or keep going and add some fun decorative elements to jazz it up.

Crispy Treats

It’s amazing how adding a bit of food coloring can completely transform foods into something for any holiday, like this St. Patrick’s Day Crispy Treat Recipe . It’s a one-pan treat that’s super easy to make festive with a green Irish twist.

There Are Tons of Recipes Online to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

You can find a ton of creative recipes online to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There are traditional dinner ideas, drink concoctions that only the Irish could think of and hands-on recipes kids can help you with. Just make sure to keep some green food coloring handy since many of these ordinary treats require at least once drop in the recipe. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Watch the video: LUCKY KRISPIE TREATS #Shorts (August 2022).