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Mulberry granita

Mulberry granita

There mulberry granita is a delicious cold spoon dessert, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. The best known and most appreciated recipe is certainly the Sicilian mulberry granita, prepared with juicy fruits and consumed in both hot and cold periods. Those who have a mulberry tree available are super lucky because they will not have to go around the seas and mountains in search of them (as happened to me) but above all because they will have sweet and genuine mulberries.
And to think that in my neighborhood, when I was little, there were a lot of mulberry trees and it was very easy to find on the street, in this period,'or cevezaiuolo who collected the fruits at dawn and then sold them with his fruit cart shouting "ceveze, ceveze annevate ”(snow-covered mulberries, that is, freshly picked and covered with morning frost). Ah what sweet memories ...
Whether you buy them or harvest them directly from your tree, here's mine mulberry granita recipe for you and, I recommend, when you prepare it pay attention to clothes, surfaces and objects ... these fruits stain to be frightening;)


How to make mulberry granita

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