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Pasta with potatoes and tuna

Pasta with potatoes and tuna

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Potato and tuna pasta recipe Flavia Imperatore of 17-09-2019 [Updated on 17-09-2019]

There pasta with potatoes and tuna is a variant of the classic pasta and potatoes, a dish that I was told by a girl who works with me and whom I did not know. It is obviously a first course based on canned tuna, accompanied by potatoes that will flake slightly during cooking, making everything creamier and even tastier!
Girls, I only returned to my routine today, I had busy and intense days. I was in Brighton for a marketing fair and yesterday in my Naples to participate as a judge in the world championship of pizzaiuolo, I tasted an infinity of pizzas and I made my taste buds work like never before: P Today, so a little detox and tomorrow .. we start cooking again! Basins to those who pass through here: *


How to make potato and tuna pasta

Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes.

Brown the garlic clove with a little oil and the chopped anchovies.
Add the potatoes, cook them quickly, then cover with the broth and cook for 20 minutes.

Drop the pasta into the same pot and cook, stirring occasionally and adding more water only if necessary (consider that it will not be drained at the end, so the pasta will have to absorb all the water, like a risotto).
When cooked, add the tuna and chopped parsley, then season with salt.

The tuna and potato pasta is ready, all you have to do is plate up and serve!

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