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Bacon pancakes

Bacon pancakes

Bacon Pancake Recipe from of 21-03-2020

THE bacon pancakes they are clearly a recipe of American origin, for us maybe a little atypical, but if you like the genre they are also a real delight! The base dough tends to be salty, but the garnish is a mix of strong flavors, in which the flavor and crunchiness of the bacon marry beautifully with the sweetness of the maple syrup for a slightly sweet and sour result without equal. We liked them a lot, but if you are more for the salty than the mix of flavors, simply omit the syrup and perhaps garnish with rocket or cream cheese if you like. With these bacon pancakes you can serve a different breakfast than usual, a nice Sunday brunch or, why not, even the famous Scrubs cola-dinner;)


How to make bacon pancakes

Separate the yolks from the whites, beat the first with milk and melted butter and, separately, whip the second until stiff.
Add flour, salt and yeast to the milk mixture and mix, finally also incorporate the egg whites, mixing slowly and from the bottom up, so as not to disassemble them.

Brown 1 slice of bacon in a non-stick pan: when the edges begin to brown, turn it over and pour a ladle of mixture over it, so that while the second side is browning, the first side of the pancake is also cooking.
When bubbles start to form on the surface of the mixture, turn the pancake (with the bacon now incorporated) with a spatula and cook the second side as well.
Proceed like this for all the pancakes, stacking them on a plate as they are ready.

The bacon pancakes are ready: decorate to taste with maple syrup and serve.

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