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Simil Bounty

Simil Bounty

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Simil Bounty recipe by of 30-07-2012 [Updated on 10-06-2016]

You know the bounty, those coconut sweets covered with milk chocolate? Well, this morning I give you the recipe to prepare simil bounty at home in a simple and fast way, the only care to have is to use a good chocolate for the covering otherwise you risk making disasters;) this is a period for me of great changes and the work is absorbing a lot of time and energy and although in recent weeks I have had more freedom of movement because Elisa spends most of her day with my mom who is on vacation, I have many pending things that I have not managed to do (like booking my holidays) and the great thing is that new commitments are always added, sigh! And despite missing a month, I have not yet started preparations for Elisa's first birthday, and on this I really have to get a move on;) have a nice day my friends and we hope this week will be profitable, in the meantime sweeten yourself by preparing the bounty


How to do bounties

Heat the cream in a saucepan with the butter.

As soon as the butter is melted, add the sugar and coconut flour.

Turn off the heat and mix energetically until the coconut flour has absorbed all the liquid.

With the help of your hands, form small cylinders that you will gradually place on a plate. At this stage, you don't pay much attention to their appearance because once they have cooled you can handle them better.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.Then reshape the bounty better giving it the desired shape.
Melt the milk chocolate in a saucepan in a bain-marie, let it cool and before it starts to solidify, dip the coconut sweets into the melted chocolate using tongs or a fork.

Roll the sweets in chocolate and then place them gradually on a plate covered with parchment paper.

Put the bounties in the fridge for 1 hour then lift them from the parchment paper, remove the excess chocolate with a small knife with a smooth blade and serve.

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