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Baked cauliflower with mozzarella and poppy seeds

Baked cauliflower with mozzarella and poppy seeds

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We open the cauliflower bouquets and keep it in cold water for about half an hour.

Boil it in salted water until it softens more than half.

We strain it and let it sit until we prepare what we need.

We prepare a tray in which we put the pieces of butter

In a bowl we put eggs, salt, white pepper and beat them with a pear-shaped target.

Add soy flour (if you do not have soy flour you can use any other type of flour) and mix well adding sour cream.

We put the cauliflower in the tray and pour over it the mixture formed above.

Mix the cauliflower by hand in the tray so that each piece is covered and arrange the composition in the tray to be as uniform as possible.

On top, break the mozzarella and put it in the hot oven for 20 minutes.

Remove the tray and sprinkle the poppy seeds on top and then put it on the oven for another 5-10 minutes. Brown well on top.

It can be served hot or cold.