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Artichoke soup

Artichoke soup

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Recipe Artichoke soup from of 13-03-2020

There artichoke soup it is a delicious dish, perfect to prepare between winter and spring or simply when you want a little cuddle without overdoing it. It is a tasty and light soup, obviously rich in artichokes that are so common on our tables at the beginning of the year. You can try to make some variations, for example omitting the potatoes, or perhaps adding a few handfuls of fresh peas ... the choice is yours, in the meantime I leave you the recipe as I prepared it;)


How to make artichoke soup

First clean the artichokes: remove the stem, outer leaves, tops and central beard.
Then cut them into thin slices.

Then put them in a bowl with cold water and the lemon cut into pieces, so that they do not blacken.

In the meantime, chop the onion and sauté it in a saucepan with the oil, then add the well-drained artichokes and let them flavor for a few minutes.
Peel the potatoes, cut them into small cubes and add them to the saucepan.
Stir, add salt and add water to cover, then cook for about 15 minutes.

When the potatoes are almost done, add the parsley and drop the pasta too.
If necessary, add a little more hot water.

When the pasta is cooked, season with salt and pepper and serve your artichoke soup.

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How to prepare artichoke soup

Clean the artichokes by removing the outer leaves. Cut them in half and remove the central beard. Slice the artichokes and put them in a bowl with acidulated water, to prevent them from blackening. Finely slice the leek and fry it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Then add the drained artichokes and brown them. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, add them to the artichokes and add salt and water until everything is completely covered. Also add a handful of chopped parsley. cover with the lid and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then add the pasta and cook it with the rest of the ingredients: add more water if necessary. Your artichoke soup is ready to be served with a sprinkling of pepper and pecorino.

How to make artichoke soup

Clean the artichokes , cut them in half and remove the central beard.

Slice the artichokes into very thin slices and put them back in the water acidulated with the lemon.

Clean the leek and slice it. Put the leek in a saucepan with a round of d & rsquoolio d & rsquooliva and let it fry over low heat.

As soon as the leek is wilted, add the artichokes sliced ​​and brown them.

Peel a potato and cut it into small small pieces. Add the potato to the artichokes.

Stir, add salt and add some hot water until the artichokes are completely covered.

Add some chopped parsley, cover and cook for about 10 minutes, until the artichokes and potatoes are cooked.

At this point there will be nothing left add the pasta and cook it.

If it gets too dry, add more hot water.

Towards the end, season with salt.

When cooked, serve your artichoke soup adding a drizzle of raw d & rsquoolio, a grind of black pepper and grated cheese, preferably pecorino.

Artichoke soup

  • 4 artichokes
  • 160 gr of short pasta
  • 4 cloves of garlic with the shirt on
  • 1 sprig of parsley
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper

I hate peeling artichokes

but I adore them so much that they win: I put myself on with holy patience and clean them.
We begin by leafing through the outermost petals, then we cut off the hard tips, cut them in half, remove the internal beard, rub them with half a lemon and dip them in water acidulated with the other half lemon.
Then we peel the stems by removing the final part and removing all the fiber around it. We cut them into sticks of 2 or 3 cm.

We take each half artichoke and cut it into 4 wedges.

Pour everything into a saucepan, add a ladle of water (or vegetable broth or 3 or 4 cubes of ice) when cold, the garlic cloves with the whole shirt, the chopped parsley, the oil and a few grains of salt. big.

We put it on the fire and let it go happily for about ten minutes, until the water is completely consumed and the artichokes brown a little.

Then add 1 liter of water with a level teaspoon of coarse salt, and bring to a boil.

Let it boil for 5 minutes, then throw in the pasta and let it boil again.

We lower the heat and finish cooking by turning from time to time.
At the end we remove the 4 cloves of garlic and and serve we add salt. Pepe, no: we said to be light, right?

The soup is cooked! We can go to the table and dive into this riot of flavor with a light heart.
posted by Paffi

Brambra in the kitchen

Before the heat takes over, I'll post the recipe for this seasonal soup, with artichokes (still and always artichokes !!) and fresh broad beans, shelled one by one by me and my daughters, between a laugh, and a chase of those who jumped in the air !!

Ingredients for two people:

5 artichokes
150 -200 gr of fresh broad beans
vegetable broth or water
candle onion

Clean and quarter the artichokes and soak them in water and lemon juice.
After half an hour (the time to shell the beans) put them in a saucepan together with two tablespoons of oil, the finely chopped onion and the broad beans. Cover with water or vegetable broth, add salt, close the pot with the lid and cook for 30 minutes.
Serve with croutons of fried bread, or more simply with the ribs of homemade bread.

Not only Isolane kitchens

It is a recipe made in Sardinia in early May, with the latest seasonal artichokes now unavailable as they are finished. therefore no longer available.
The artichoke is, by far, my favorite vegetable, I would also consume it every day, I like them so much. I love them prepared in all possible and imaginable ways and this soup, which includes their presence, is, by far, one of my favorites :).
I fully understand that this recipe is definitely 'out of season' both for the ingredient provided and for its nature: a soup, therefore suitable for more winter temperatures (although these days, with the beautiful mild temperatures pleasant in my opinion not sorry at all.). in any case it is a recipe that could be useful next year, with the new seasonal artichokes).
The source is a volume published by the local newspaper, which included the collection of recipes sent by the readers themselves ... most of the time they are traditional dishes ... but not only.

Ingredients: (dose for 4 people)

I have prepared in quantity using 5 artichokes and making the proper proportions.

180 gr of Sardinian fregola (I used the medium but small one is even better. If you find it I recommend the fine Sardinian fregola which has a consistency like egg grattoni .. I adapted with what I had at home at the time, and that's okay too)
6 Sardinian spiny artichokes
1 sprig of fresh parsley
2 cloves of garlic
a few fresh ripe tomatoes
high quality tomato concentrate
chili pepper to taste
1 lemon for the artichokes soaked in water as they are cleaned
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper (optional, I didn't put it)

Clean the artichokes by removing the toughest outer leaves and cutting the tips. Also remove the internal goatee after having cut them and wedges.
Now cut them further into slices on the thin side (being now at the end, being the last of the season, I noticed that they take a longer time to cook and as a consequence of this I advise you not to cut them large but stay on the end, even if not like a wafer. ) and immerse them in a bowl containing water acidulated with squeezed lemon juice.

Drain them with a slotted spoon, rinse them well so that they lose the acidity of the lemon and place them in the colander placed over a bowl so that they can drain well.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, cut a cross with the knife in the upper part and blanch them for a minute in unsalted water. Drain them with a slotted spoon and place them in a basin containing cold water.
Peel and chop them.

In a pan of adequate size, pour a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and brown the crushed garlic cloves and the chilli pepper.

Remove the garlic and add the artichokes.

Add the chopped parsley and one and a half liters of water.

Bring to a boil, salt to taste with coarse salt, pepper (optional), pour the fregola and cook until cooked.
Serve immediately.


I will be able to try it during the next season. I will also try Sardinian fregola maybe in some specialized shop.
Thanks and happy Sunday!

Definitely, considering that the artichokes have already disappeared for a while and we will not see them before November. (the very first) .If I had to try it then let me know if necessary).
A big kiss and happy Sunday to you too :))

Clean the artichokes and cut them into slices. Put the artichokes in water and lemon juice so as not to make them blacken.

Peel also peas and broad beans. To the beans cut off the cappelletto with a knife.

Take a pan and pour yourself a generous round of d & rsquooliva oil. Add a spring onion and a piece of chilli and let it fry. As soon as the sauté is wilted, add the artichokes drained and sauté them in a pan for about 2 minutes. Also add the beans and mix.

Also join the peas and mix everything. Salt and add hot water until the ingredients are completely covered. Add a sprig of chopped parsley with all the stems, cover and cook until completely cooked. If you want you can add a drizzle of wild fennel to flavor your soup.

When all the ingredients are cooked you can add the pasta. Adjust the water if necessary and also the salt.

When cooked, serve your artichoke soup, beans and peas with a drizzle of raw d & rsquoolio and some grated pecorino romano.


Clean the artichokes, cut them into small pieces and pour them into a bowl with water acidulated with lemon juice

Once finished, put the chopped onion, celery and chopped carrot, squeezed garlic, artichokes, diced potato and a drizzle of oil in a saucepan, fry for at least ten minutes

Add the tomato puree

Add the vegetable broth and cook for about 30 minutes with the lid on. Pour the pasta to taste, let it cook according to the time written on the package and serve hot.

The recipe for the artichoke and potato soup is finished I hope you liked it and that you can do it again at home.


Today the first appointment of this new year with the column of Italy in the Plate. so welcome to all those who want to browse in this gastronomic tour to discover typical dishes of the various Italian regions!

Today's theme is: THE SOUPS

In my kitchen today you will find a good one ARTICHOKES AND PEAS SOUP

Puglia is the land of artichokes and Mola di Bari is one of the countries where this vegetable is grown most, which lends itself exquisitely to the preparation of various dishes. well one day yes. and the other as well, the artichoke is always present on our tables!
On the nutritional level then we know that to fight cholesterol and excesses of uric acids in the blood, a prolonged consumption of the artichoke is necessary, given its beneficial action on the liver and kidneys.

In addition to the soup of artichokes and fresh peas that every year I make a good supply to freeze. you can prepare stuffed artichokes. you will also have a second. and the lunch is ready.

10 artichokes
1/2 kg. of peas
350 g. of short pasta such as tubettini
1 onion
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
1 lemon

2 eggs
grated pecorino cheese
a little breadcrumbs
salt and pepper

Clean the artichokes by removing the hardest leaves, clean the underside, tick and slice 5 artichokes leaving the other 5 whole for the filling and put everything for a while in a bowl acidulated with lemon.
In a saucepan, sauté the chopped onion, brown, then add the peas and brown for about ten minutes, in the meantime prepare the filling and fill the 5 artichokes.
Then add the sliced ​​artichokes and the whole stuffed artichokes to the peas, add a little water almost to cover, season with salt and pepper and cook.
Then boil the pasta al dente which will be seasoned with the artichokes and peas.

And now aren't you curious to peek into the kitchens of other regions? Force. let's all go and discover the soups that the other companions of the food tour have prepared:

Video: Sensational Jerusalem artichoke soup, Growing and cooking Sunchokes (July 2022).


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